On Saturday, June 13, about 15 members of the Southampton Garden Club, led by presidents Tish Bliss, Pat Nadosy & Marge Sullivan, planted a butterfly garden at St. Andrew's Dune Church. (click here  for plant list) 

Pat Nadosy reports: "We planted about 75 plants, mostly from Lynch’s but about one third from my garden. I bought some of the Asclepias a month before and potted them up so they were good size.  We created two gardens - one across from the south entrance to the church in the dunes, one to the east of the easternmost whale pot.  Jerry Guerin, the church sexton, prepared the dune for us by removing a broken down snow fence and cleaning debris out the dune, leaving Rosa rugosa and dune grass.  We planted around these existing plants to avoid any disruption to the dune.  We added cribbing logs to  provide more stability to the dune and because butterflies like decayed wood.  The garden is above a low stone wall which is great because the butterflies can dry their wings there.

Although these gardens are on Dune Church property, the SGC will maintain this low maintenance garden (watering, pruning) over the summer and will add new plants in the fall.  Dianne Czelatka, the Dune Church gardener, will help us with watering.

Many thanks to those members who helped including Wendy Dietz, Camille Campbell, Nancy Stone, Linda Fraser, Mary Lou Swift, Lynn Mortimer, Huguette Hersch, Linda McLean, Jane Fear, Mayme Hackett, Elaine Arace and Barbara Reuter. We were pleased that Alan McFarland, president of the Trustees of the Dune Church, stopped by to admire our efforts! Please enjoy these photos from the day."

For more information on planting your own butterfly garden, click here.

Butterfly Garden Planted at
St. Andrew's Dune Church
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